What experience do you need to work in sales at an Apple store ?

I am going to apply for a job at an Apple Store but with limited sales experience I am wodering how much experience they are looking for ? thanks !

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  1. Angelicious says:

    Just know basic stuff that people who like electronics know….IF they like you and your personality they will hire you.

    You dont have to be a genius (obviously) just be trainable and outgoing, because if youre hired by them you have to go through Apple’s new hire training, just be high energy, confident and friendly on your interview, but let it be known that you know how to sell

  2. nortybirdy says:

    Know your apples boy! Cox, golden delicious, granny smith, pink lady… the list is endless.

  3. JB says:

    recently experienced the apple experience. omg the staff are fabulous!

    most sales assistants would just need the basic skills – good customer service skills, polite, presentable, friendly etc.

    for apple store i would assume that you should have knowledge of the apple brands and how they work… i only say this because the guys at the apple store knew their stuff like experts! they were so knowledgeable and helpful, and there were in-store training sessions available too!

    not sure if there are grades of expertise but i didnt see anyone who didnt know stuff!!

    get in there, hopefully you will get a discount on their stuff!!

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