What fabric marker pens are good for decorating a white t-shirt?

I use sharpies a hell of a lot (regular ones) for drawing/font art in general, but I read somewhere that they bleed on fabric.

‘Stained by Sharpie’ fabric markers are the ones I was looking at:

I was also looking at these ones:

It’s absolutely crucial that the marker doesn’t fade, go on other clothes when washed etc. I adore sharpies but if the second one (or even maybe something from another brand like BIC or Crayola) is better I will get those.

This is the t-shirt I’ll probably be getting to decorate:

Please answer asap! I’m probably just overthinking this… ehe >_<

(Also don’t start talking about really high quality stuff…I’m 13, not a professional earning artist or something!)
Oh I only just realised the Sharpies are brush tip and I feel quite a lot less confident about using them now. Makers are better, please answer with some good ones!

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One Response to “What fabric marker pens are good for decorating a white t-shirt?”

  1. Facepalmz says:

    From what ive searched, there’s:
    Which you can get in any marker form, if not; look in arts and crafts stores around you or type in ‘fabric marker pens’ on the internet.
    There sure to be something to come up.

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