What film would I need for an INSTAMATIC 233-X KODAK camera?

I work in a charity shop and I saw a KODAK INSTAMATIC 233-X camera for £5.99 (Is that a bargain?) and I’m not sure if I should get it. I don’t want to get a camera that needs expensive film.

I was wondering if I could get a background check on the camera and if anyone can tell me the name of the film I need and roughly how much they could cost (UK), thanks.

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3 Responses to “What film would I need for an INSTAMATIC 233-X KODAK camera?”

  1. fhotoace says:

    It is NOT a bargain.

    Film is no longer made for "Instamatic" cameras

    If you want a bargain, look for a nice 35 mm SLR with lens.

    You can find 35 mm film

  2. AVDADDY says:

    Instamatic film is no longer manufactured. Leave it on the shelf. It was crap when new. Now it is no more than a paperweight

  3.  ☥♡☮  says:





    though it may be a bargain for owning, it may not be convenient for use,
    you may be safer to find modern film camera, then develop and scan ,


    once you have film developed, you can scan negatives, and scan prints, there are larger flatbed scanners with overhead negative/slide scanning adapter,
    or actual negative/ slide scanner for negatives, but not for prints,

    search around for cheap scanner for personal use, basic flatbed is ok for print copy, you would need negative adapter or device for micro scanning small film strips,

    if not from store, check sally-ann second hand shops,
    if not able, try local libraries with computer and scanning devices,

    HP Scanners,…

    CANON Scanners

    Nikon negative / Film scanner

    if print is still large enough and clear, you can still try camera without flash, and good lighting, and upload,


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