what foods goods from Marks and Spencers?

do you purchase and recommend.

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5 Responses to “what foods goods from Marks and Spencers?”

  1. jess767676 says:

    The only thing i really like from there is the Madeira cake & victoria sponge. The meat pies are really hit and miss, i have had the same pie but 2 weeks apart, the second time it was full of really fatty meat.

  2. EarthCalling says:

    Morrisons is better value and the quality is excellent. Try their fish and meat counters. The people really know their stuff.

  3. Ryanissocool says:

    I like the full meals you get like chinese there well nice.

  4. ♥ caroline ♥ says:

    The nan bread is amazing! Tastes just like you get from a restaurant.

  5. Salamander says:

    If I had the money I would shop there all the time, the quality is top notch, that said I mostly go to Sainsburys & Morrisons where, as a previous answerer has pointed out, the have an onsite fishmonger & butcher.

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