What frame goes better with a black & white photo?

I’ve got three 15" x 10" Photos and I would love a black frame with them. But I’m not sure whether to have a white mount with them because I don’t want to cut them down loads. I’m ok with cutting them down a little bit, but I want to include the background in the frames. I’ve seen one that I like with no mount, but will it look ok?


Would just a black frame with no mount go well with a Black & white photo?

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2 Responses to “What frame goes better with a black & white photo?”

  1. B K says:

    I prefer to see photos in a mount if they are in a frame. But that’s my own preference, but you can do what ever you like.

    I have seen black and white prints in those frameless photo frames which can look quite effective – like these: http://indulgy.net/bn/l1/wa/239535273900246217HS7tVgY0c.jpg

  2. Steve P says:

    You can never go wrong with a black frame, no matter what the photo. What do you mean by "mount"? Do you mean a mat? A mat is not just for looks. it prevents the photograph from making contact with the frame glass, which in time, will ruin the photo or even cause it to stick to the glass so it cannot be removed. If you do NOT use a matt, use no glass in the frame…. or … if you want to use glass but no matt, use spacers in the corners of the frame to keep the photo from making contact with the glass. I suggest you use a proper, white, mat.

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