What games to get in the steam summer sale?

Hi guys, steam is having its massive summer sale! What games can you guys recommend?

I have all the total wars already so don’t recommend them!

Thanks can’t wait to here what you guys recommend!

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4 Responses to “What games to get in the steam summer sale?”

  1. opurt says:

    There’s going to be a ton of good stuff on sale. All I’ll say is not to buy anything until the last day unless the game you want is a daily deal or one of the community choice or flash deals, because sometimes the prices go down even further (like down to 75% off instead of just 50%, or 66% off instead of 33%).

  2. EpsilonArchetype says:

    You need to be more specific.

    Tell us what kind of genre or games you like. If you just ask us to recommend games and someone recommends a game to you, you buy it and hate it, it’ll be your own fault.

  3. Zeyad says:

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  4. MaX says:

    These games are must have – but it depends on the type of games you like.

    If you like FPS games – then MW3, ArMA2, Portal 1 & 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor
    If you like RPG games – then Skyrim
    If you like adventure games – then Trine 1 & 2

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