What Gift Do You Get For Someone Who Is Never Satisfied?

Ok so I got this person a gift card to a restaurant so that they could enjoy a night out with their spouse– but i was informed that this person does not think a gift card counts as a christmas gift, they claim there is no thought in a gift card. Totally ridiculous but like i said this person never seems to be satisfied unless you have dropped over 100 dollars and that is not an option for me. so what do i get for them? i’d like to give nothing but that’s not really an option either.

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10 Responses to “What Gift Do You Get For Someone Who Is Never Satisfied?”

  1. Antst says:

    You’re thinking about this the wrong way. I would take the approach of thinking that if this person is never happy anyway, I might as well NOT spend a lot of money on her/him. Spend $15 on a box of chocolates or a cafe voucher and save your money for people who are grateful.
    Gift vouchers are perfect for people who are hard to please.
    We are not owed at Christmas. A gift is a token of appreciation and good manners means being grateful no matter what. This person you’re talking about is being extremely rude.
    It sounds to me like this person needs to be informed (drop it in someone’s ear) that Christmas is not an opportunity to make people stress about money and feel inadequate. And that she/he won’t get anything if he/she doesn’t shut it and be grateful in future.

  2. Gwen says:

    Regift. Go through the gifts you’ve received that you haven’t opened or used, pick a few, polish them up or repackage them in a cute way. Voila! Cute gift that you didn’t spend a thing on. You can also think about going in on something with the gift, maybe a mutual friend that is also kind of frustrated with trying to get a gift for this person. You can each contribute something from your regifting box and put it in a Christmas bag to make it look like a big awesome gift.

  3. ? says:

    Slap them, they sound like a *****.
    I’d go the opposite route if you really like the person- a super thoughtful gift that they’ll love, that’s also friggin cheap.
    My wife once mentioned that her favorite happy meal toy was a Catwoman from Bamtan the Animated Series, 1992-1994. For $10 at an antique/vintage toy store, i bought one brand new in its original packaging. This weekend I’m buying her a happy meal, taking out the modern toy (giving it to charity, i guess) and putting in the 1992 toy she got when she was 5. Sometimes a $10 gift with effort blows the crap out of all the $150 gifts and diamond rings.

  4. Ms Maven says:

    Are you required to get a gift for this person? If so just get them a generic gift card like American
    Express. You are not responsible to get someone what they think is acceptable. If you must give a gift just give one the that can be used and don’t worry about how they receive it.. If you are a spiritual person you can give a gift of praying for them – everyone can use that.

  5. Elise says:

    I like to put a lot of thought into my gifts – I tend to order “original” things from the web that you can’t get in town – I shop Thinkgeek.com a lot for gifts personally. But it’s way to late for that. As a graphic designer I also do a lot of photo gifts. also too late for that.
    Last minute – we’d have to know about their personality more. If you go to walgreens they have gingerbread ninja cookie cutters – a dozen ninja cookies might be fun. If they are more refined maybe some touch screen gloves?

  6. Sir Walrus Cauliflower the Grand says:

    If he doesn’t want it, give him a kick in the @ss and go use it yourself.
    A gift is a novelty, not a requirement.

  7. borbor says:

    Dear Little Miss,
    It looks like you are out of options, but if it’s any consolation, the fault lies entirely with “this person.”

  8. Slakker Mahn says:

    if the person is never satisfied, then why try to satisfy them? just get something that most people would think is reasonable and let them decide if they like it or not…

  9. Foofa says:

    A referral to a good psychologist.

  10. Poopy, Just Poopy says:

    Oral always works.

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