What Gifts Do Guys Really Want?

I have max 70-80 dollars to spend on our one year anniversary. I was thinking maybe an engraved watch but ive never seen him wear one.. So im not sure if he’s a watch kind of guy! And thatd be a pretty big waste if he didnt like it. So instead im thinking of buying a few items that he’d actually like and finding some cute, crafty way to wrap them. Ideas so far are a photoframe with a picture of us, chocolates, voucher for a book store. But i want him to love it 🙁 he’s 20 and into games (pc only tho) and he likes reading. Thats pretty much all his hobbies?! I could buy a pc game… But he usually buys all the good ones for himself 🙁 ideas GREATLY appreciated!!
(material suggestions i can buy please, not sexual)

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3 Responses to “What Gifts Do Guys Really Want?”

  1. yamalol1 says:

    1st idea is always the best go with the watch. If he wears it great and if he dose not he will keep it like jewelry to wear on special occasions.

  2. Jewels says:

    Well that last line is where you have most definitely gone wrong. That is what guys really want. And it is a waste of effort to try and make a crafty photo frame as AN ANNIVERSARY gift….this hallmark event should be paired with a like-minded memory….one YOU BOTH CAN ENJOY AND REMEMBER for years to come. I am a 38 year old female and this isn’t a sex crazed dude telling you this….it’s just that you don’t seem to get it that your question asks so plainly “What gifts do guys really want?” we’ll, SEX is the gift they want, truly, do not be fooled otherwise, and don’t give him a boring photo….you can give him one of those any day of the week…..my suggestion is ( and this is totally tasteful good foreplay for the fella) Take your 80 bucks go to Victoria’s secret buy a sweet sexy outfit you think makes you look really hot and when you get home, snap a few photos of yourself wearing the outfit, put your phone or your camera on a tripod or a table then set the auto timer for 10 seconds and rush back to the front of the camera and take several different shots of yourself posing sexy and cute….take dozens of these poses until you see one you absolutely love and then print THAT ONE on your home computer with some quality photo paper so no one else has to see the picture to avoid being embarrassed and then FRAME THAT and put heart and lips stickers around the picture or around the frame, maybe use a photo editing app that lets you decorate pics or put a soft focus finishing touch to it prior to printing it off to make it look that much sexier and special….then wrap it up or put the pic by itself in a wonderful card and sign it at the bottom with something suggestive and tantalizing like “I got this just for you, Baby, and I can’t wait to have you unwrap it Tonight! Happy Anniversary, let’s celebrate and make a memory that lasts!”. Or whatever you want to say….something to get him super charged…..and I GUARANTEE that it will be THE BEST gift you can get him for this special occasion. The gift of YOU!

  3. Asim says:

    I would suggest you buy something long lasting for him. Photo-frame with photo of you both sounds a good idea, that’s long lasting and a good quality gift based on the relationship and love between both of you. Please make sure that the photo you select should be appealing and should have something special in it! You may also considering signing the photo (optional) and placing a romantic card in the package.. Good luck!

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