What Goals Can Be Set In An Inbound Call Centre?

We have been asked by work this weekend to have a think about what targets we would like to be put in place by the company so we can achieve things and be rewarded on a monthly basis if a target is met.
I can’t think of anything decent, I was going to suggest that whoever accepts the most most calls in a month could get gift vouchers of their choice. As this will stop people get up and walking around, chatting to people, going to get a drink etc – especially during busy times!! Bt there’s a few problems with that:
– There are a few part time workers aswell as full time, so they will obviously not take as many calls.
– Some calls can take a lot longer than others, preventing us from answering other calls.
– Some people have extra jobs to do aswell as answering the calls, so they’re not always on the phone.
We are an inbound call centre open Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 9-1. W take orders from customers who are purchasing health supplements. There are 9 of us altogether in the centre.
Any help/suggestions would be great, as I’ve got brain freeze 🙂

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