What Happened? Guys And Girls Advice?

I’m a sophomore girl in high school, and my mom and I went to go see some family friends we havent seen in a couple years. They have a son who’s two years olderish than me, and his mom and my mom are really close. Well, we went to go visit them to help them with a garage sale, and I was nice to everybody including him, but he didn’t talk to me. I would be in the room and he would be real funny and “talky” to everyone, but all he did was glance at me every once in a while. We stayed for a few days, and once him, my mom and I were in the kitchen, and he and my mom were talking but when my mom left, it was awkward silence. I tried to keep the conversation up but he acted all shy. Mom says it’s “different now that we’re older, verses when we were kids” what does that mean? Why did I always catch him staring at me? His mom said that he doesn’t know what to do with girls, but I’m younger than him, why would he be awkward or whatever? Does he not like me? did I do something wrong?

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