What Happens If I Win A Vacation With Plane Tickets?

I just signed up for a contest to win a 3 day trip somewhere. I’m not expecting to win or anything, but I have a question about it. I am planning on going to the same destination at the same time as the contest. However, the contest is 3 days and I am planning on a week. Would I be able to use the round trip plane tickets on different days than they want? I don’t mind that the hotel is only three days, if anything it would save me money. haha Does anyone know? I am curious.

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  1. Bill says:

    The air ticket might not be changeable if certain dates are given for the trip. If only one direction was changeable, I would expect it to be the return segment. If you were a no-show for the outbound trip then the return would be cancelled.
    Air + hotel packages offered by travel agencies typically allow the air part to be varied. That is, they advertise an package combining airfare with 6 nights in a hotel at a certain price, ppdo. But you can book the flight for a 10-day trip and either add on additional hotel nights at their rate or choose your own accommodations separately.
    For the hotel, the agency that is handling the travel arrangements for your prize would probably issue you a voucher for the hotel. You take that voucher and present it at check-in to the hotel as payment. If ground transportation was included then you would probably get a voucher for that, too. Your air ticket would be an e-ticket and you would be provided an itinerary with reservation code and ticket number.
    So, yes, you could toss the airline ticket and just use the hotel voucher – at least have that as your expectation but read the terms and conditions of the package.
    Good luck!

  2. RoofingP says:

    It all depends on the terms and conditions of the contest.
    The radio station I listen to on my way to work has a lot of travel-related contests, and on some of them they explicitly say that the trip cannot be changed or extended.
    However, if you simply decided not to use the plane ticket, or used it only for the outbound flight, that might work. You can’t skip the outbound flight and use the homeward flight only, because if you’re a no-show for the outbound, your entire plane ticket is cancelled.

  3. trailbla says:

    These competitions are designed to promote the location and sponsors, often the flights have to be used as issued and are very restricted, as is often the accommodation when offered, yes you might be able to extend the accommodation beyond the 3 days, but my guess is that the return flight either has to be on that specific day, or you lose it an would need to purchase a one-way return.
    As mentioned it’s hard to know without seeing the t&c of the competition, and yes you no doubt will receive some junk through what ever personal details you may have provided to enter.

  4. C.M. C says:

    The Mosh Pit Queen, hold on people. A lot of these contests the actual trip could be a low season ticket or all inclusive holiday. meaning if your going for a holiday in the high season, you can not transfer your winning ticket.
    Also without know the conditions of entry to this contest, it has hard to give you a concrete answer. There is always a catch.

  5. Annette the Second says:

    By signing up for a contest you have created a couple of problems for yourself. You are now on a MUGS list and your name and details will be sold on tp others. Expect a flood of junk mail at best. I hope you did not give them your phone number as well. If you did, expect lots of cold calls trying to sell you all kinds of stuff that you don’t want or need.
    Everybody wins these contests. It’s just a marketing ploy to sell more expensive holidays and you fell for it.
    At worst you might have to change your email identity. At least add the senders of the junk mail to your blocked list.

  6. Rac says:

    you should be able to do whatever you want. But can’t extend the plane ticket’s return schedule.

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