What house sales would NOT feature on the UK Land Registry?

Example: ‘right to buy’ purchases from a local council or housing authority? But what else/ other sales would not be listed also?

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One Response to “What house sales would NOT feature on the UK Land Registry?”

  1. SimonC says:

    Since 1990 it has been compulsory for all land to be registered following a sale, or if the property is mortgaged. Since 1998 land must be registered if it is given away (eg via a will). This applies to freehold title, and leases of 7 years or more. There are no exclusions – right to buy purchases need to be registered as well.

    Before 1990 compulsory registration had been gradually introduced in different areas of the country, since 1926. Land that has not been bought or mortgaged since 1990 (or whatever earlier may have applied in that locality) will not yet be registered.

    The Land Registry holds the definitive ownership record for all properties that are subject to registration. So there can not be any exceptions to the requirement to register. If you fail to register following a purchase, the legal ownership will revert back to the seller. Although they have to hold the property on trust for you, it would be very easy for them to sell to a third party, leaving you out of a home and chasing the proceeds of the second sale.

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