What I Did, Will It Be Considered Animal Abuse. To Save Another Dog’s Life. Long?

Well my sister owned this Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Rhino. She had him from a puppy. She had a Jack Russell Terrier who hated Rhino. As Rhino got older, my sister and her boyfriend caged him up.
She has 2 girls. They were 1-2 and 3-4 then. And Rhino would jump up and bite them.
My sister NEVER let him out of the cage, and he got more aggressive. He had even attacked the JRT.
But when I was watching them, including my nieces. Rhino attacked the JRT through the bars of the cage and opened it. I had to close my nieces in the front room. I was screaming, trying to get them to let go of each other. But they wouldn’t. I hit them, and then I kneeded Rhino. And tried desperately to try and separate them. As we lived 2 doors down from my sister’s, I ran home and asked for my brother. Yes I left my nieces int he room(away from the dogs). The dogs got separated and I comforted my crying nieces. Rhino got rehomed as an only pet. And he’s doing fine.
Was this animal abuse even if I was trying to save the dogs lives?
Also my sister had 1 cat, female who she didn’t spay and she got pregnant. I kept one kitten, who I got at 7 weeks, she was days away from being 8. I had to take her, she was skinny and covered in fleas. The other 2 kittens a boy ans girl she kept(don’t know why. As she never got the fixed).
And now they are 5 months old. They will soon be mating, they are stuck in cages together.
The mum is shut outside. She was spayed after she had kittens.
I have the uncle, who is neutered. And my kitten and he love each other. They sleep together.
When I see her kittens in the cage I am disgusted. They smell, begging to be let out. Skinny.
My kitten is fat.
This was Minnie when she was still with her mother.http://www.flickr.com/photos/31274356@N0…
This is the first day we got her, she was getting ready for the vets.http://www.flickr.com/photos/31274356@N0…
Another pic of Minnie.http://www.flickr.com/photos/31274356@N0…
She has gotten healthy since she left her mum.
I don’t know how to tell my sister about her cats. Minnie will be spayed. But her cats will continue to reproduce, she won’t give them up because of my nieces. And she can’t afford the spay or neuter. Even with a voucher. She is on low income. And she always run out of electric.
I need the cage as my 5 month old puppy will be spayed next month and I am moving her into my flat. The cage was ours, mum got it for our late dog who was old and needed it for accidents.
Her boyfriend said-When I asked for it. “Oh, we need that for the cats”. You don’t keep cats in the cage. I don’t know what to do. Help?!
Sorry it’s long, I know my sister shouldn’t own pets.

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8 Responses to “What I Did, Will It Be Considered Animal Abuse. To Save Another Dog’s Life. Long?”

  1. Mackliehead is AWESOME says:

    I don’t think it should be considered animal abuse since you were trying to help. You could have been a little softer though. You need to confront her and tell her what she is doing is wrong.

  2. mouse says:

    The dog should have been put down…
    What your sister is doing is animal abuse and ypu need to tell her to get Ot sorted or report her to local rspca animal welfare officer..

  3. Edina Monsoon says:

    Rhino is a dangerous dog and should’ve been put down. You did the right thing – it wasn’t abuse.
    But your sister is seriously neglecting her pets. No wonder Rhino was so aggressive if he was kept caged all the time. He wasn’t trained or exercised – he must’ve been so frustrated.
    I know this is dishonest, but is there any way an unemployed member of your family could pretend the cats belong to them, and get them spayed/neutered with the voucher? I don’t know what country you’re in so I don’t necessarily know how these things work where you are. But it’s important that these cats get ‘fixed’ to prevent any more unnecessary suffering. Then they won’t have to be kept in the cages.

  4. Emma says:

    Separating fighting dogs is almost impossible, especially with terrier breeds. The fact that they were untrained obviously didn’t help the situation either. What you did wasn’t animal abuse, although throwing cold water over them might have shocked them into a temporary truce and gave you enough time to separate them (just for future reference).
    You need to have words with your sister, or report her to an animal welfare service. What she is doing is irresponsible, and she and her boyfriend should be educated on how to look after their pets properly.

  5. COUNTRY- says:

    What you did was a rescue to save some animals in a bad situation!!! What your sister is doing is animal abuse she needs an eye opener and have animal control called and either take the animals or fine her so she wont do this any more she needs a lesson in animal care for sure..And for telling your sister ask her if she crazy for penning all the animals up and not taking care of the fixing them If shes on welfare or receiving food stamps most vets will do the jobs for nearly nothing like 15 bucks or maybe a tad more and having several pets its even cheaper..These poor animals need your care and a life and in cages and left outside is not a Loving caring person………
    BTY the kitty you have is adorable and will have a happy home……

  6. Amy says:

    It sounds like your sister shouldn’t have pets at all… Cats shouldn’t be kept in cages nor should dogs constantly. If her cats do start to breed what will she do then? Keep them in a cage? And no what you did isn’t classed as animal cruelty. Although its hard to do but the best thing to do to break up a dog fight (in case you get involved in another) is to throw water on to the dogs. May not always work though. But you should really talk to your sister about maybe re-homing all of her pets.

  7. madison says:

    I wouldnt say so i mean if u were helping someone and not intentianlly just being a jerk and hitting him then it wouldnt be abuse dont worry about it to much hes at a good home now so he is okay usually it helps when u say sorry to them after even if they are only pets it helps : )P

  8. Adam says:

    She had a dog that was locked up all day? what’s the point in getting an animal if you’re not going to even bother to look after it properly. Poor thing must of been going out of its mind locked up all the time.

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