What If There Was A Final Fantasy 7-3?

Would you continue the story following the secret ending that showed Genesis in FInal Fantasy 7-2 or change it? Explain your thoughts and ideas on a possible FF7-3.
If Square Enix was going to make a sequel for FF7-2, what would the plot be about? Remember the secret ending in FF7-2 which showed Genesis, they claim that the ending was to clarify the message of continuing to protect the world after Genesis awakens from his slumber, how would you continue the story into a possible FF7-3 game or would you change that secret ending and have a different direction going into FF7-3? Share your thoughts and ideas.
We all cannot wait for the day they announce the Remake of FF7, but first they have to create a game that becomes just as popular and exceeds in sales which could take some time.
Bonus Question: What are your thoughts on Before Crisis, Crisis Core and FF7-2, were they executed good enough to satisfy the entire story?

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