What If You Lost Your Sss Salary Check?

I put it on my friends bag, he doesn’t know that i put it there. Then I’m gone for 10 minutes, we left the office 2 hours has passed then i ask for the check that i put inside his bag. He told me he throw some papers and that he doesn’t know it was a check because it was cover then by a bond paper and has been fold in half. We ran to the trash but it was already been pick up by the janitor and the trash bag has been delivered on the bulk trash already. We’re not sure what trash bag to check and we don’t want to check it one by one or it may have been damaged anyway.
Will i still have to pay for that check even it has not been encashed? The voucher has been sent already to our HR Dept. I just don’t know what to do next.

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One Response to “What If You Lost Your Sss Salary Check?”

  1. Badburn says:

    It would completely make sense that you rush to the nearest SSS branch in your area.

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