What Is A Bank Voucher? My Friend Wants To Get Me To Give Her As Wedding Gift?

She demands a $US200 Bank coupon . otherwise i am not invited to her wedding party

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3 Responses to “What Is A Bank Voucher? My Friend Wants To Get Me To Give Her As Wedding Gift?”

  1. Resist Wedding Industry LIES says:

    It’s MONEY.
    Your friend is very rude. What makes a host a host is providing for the guests. A person who demands money or other compensation is engaging in commercial activity, not hosting a social event. Send regrets and forget her.

  2. amyhpete says:

    LOL. You can cheerfully decline such a demand, and if she throws a fit, decline to attend her wedding. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

  3. Halo Mom says:

    She is not a friend
    A friend invite you to something because they want you there
    Not for money
    Not only she is asking for money, she is telling you how much
    You invite people to a wedding because you want them share your day, not for gifts
    My cousin gave me a card, because she needed a baby sitter for two days and an hotel
    I think it was great she came, that why you invite someone
    I would not go
    Someone that really want you at their wedding will not put a price tag on you coming

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