What is a good inexpensive apple laptop to buy second hand?

I want to buy a small potable laptop, primarily for surfing, with some entertainment features (possibly as a project) and I thought it might be a good excuse to introduce myself to the world of apple.

I’ve been looking at the ibook G3 but I was wondering would it be too slow for practical use?

example below:


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2 Responses to “What is a good inexpensive apple laptop to buy second hand?”

  1. K3ypad says:

    i have experienced SERIOUS problems with older macbook pro’s… they have a SERIOUS overheating problem so SERIOUS that i have to use capital letters, and i also had to replace the power cable (it melted) the battery, and the coffee table i had it on, problem continued still after as well 😛
    you may be able to pick up one of the old macbooks (not the pro ones!) fairly cheap as a new version was recently released they would have a higher spec and maybe more to your requirements

  2. HBpencil says:

    Get an asus 1000HE, windows XP with it, or you can install linux or OS X on it if you want. great performance, 10 hrs battery, £300.

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