What is a good level of discount?

Hi All,

We’re trying to learn from the online community what they believe is a good saving? When does a sale ‘really’ for become attractive for you?

Does 10% still generate any intrest when you know you are paying 20% in VAT?

Take this site of ours for example:

These bike parts are from a premium brand and between 30-40% off, but there are very few buyers…

Have times changed so much with online shopping that even 40% off is no longer attractive?

We’d be very interested in any and all answers. Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “What is a good level of discount?”

  1. SDD says:

    Any discount can be good or bad depending on what the "regular price" is. Many auto dealers never sell anything for the "sticker price", so a 10% discount, in effect is the "regular price". Lots of stores inflate regular prices the same way so that they can of huge "discounts".

  2. Anjaree says:

    It is a cycle. It depends on consumer sentiment. If it is high,or booming economy, small discount would be good. But in the low season such as today, high discount,such as 30-40%, would not get them out of the house to buy anything.

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