What Is A Safe Salary To Buy A New Audi R8?

I have always been interested in cars, and, although I am not one to make goals based on material objects, I allow myself to truly want an R8. I really want to be a neurologist (currently a HS freshman), and I have the grades and motivation so far to get that job. So will a neurologist’s salary ($250,000-$400,000, based on my research) be able to cover the buying cost and the cost to maintain an R8?
Please don’t discount my question due to my youth. I am truly motivated to get that job, and I just wan to see if I’ll be able to buy my dream car.

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2 Responses to “What Is A Safe Salary To Buy A New Audi R8?”

  1. 019233 says:


  2. Shellbac says:

    Yeah it will more than cover an R8. Its not unrealistic to want something nice like a sport car someday.
    I would say making 100 -150 a year would be good.

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