What is a student id card? (discount)?

Ive just started college but don’t understand how to get student discount! Do you just show your student id that you would wear in college in the shop? Or do you have to buy it like a NUS card for £12? Please answer!!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to “What is a student id card? (discount)?”

  1. Cai Chetty says:

    Yes some branches of McDonalds and other shops will let you get away with just showing your college ID card, as it does show that you are a student but still a lot of places (namely clothes and electrical shops) will want to see an NUS card. Just experiment with shops and see if they will take your college ID but if not the NUS card is a very good investment anyway as in my time in college I got a lot of discounts because of my card so I doubt you would regret buying one. Here is the site listing all of their discounts


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