What Is a Transitional Rug?

I recently received an email newsletter from a local rug showroom, the announcement of a sale. The shop offers a wide selection of transitional arrangement carpets. Now, I’ve heard of many different carpet styles – everything from Western patterns, oriental designs, shag, and even carpets made from recycled materials. I hear “transitional” and have no idea what that means in relation to flooring. When you move, you move from one to another. Are these carpets would give me the transition to the next room or the next house? “

So, I did some research and came away knowing a bit more about carpets than I had before. It appears that a transition carpet refers to the actual design of the carpet. The appearance and production reminiscent of a combination of two different styles:

Traditional: Traditional rug normally determined by the characteristics found in Persian and Oriental designs – especially the color, weaving, and patterns. When you look at an oriental rug or carpet, you amazingly by the intricate craftsmanship and detail of flowers, laurels, and leaves

Contemporary :. Contemporary rug can remind you of a work of modern art. Bold colors and sharp lines, designs that remind you of Warhol paintings of Picasso’s cubism. Carpets if this looks great in rooms with contemporary and unique furniture.

The transitional arrangement rug, made therefore takes the recognizable features of both styles and blends them into something unique and beautiful. You will notice the care taken in weaving such a carpet, and enjoy colorful designs that complement your walls and interior. Carpet experts can tell you that this style is reminiscent of impressionistic design spirit – muted colors and smooth images. Although the painters of the Impressionist era worked with pastel shades, you’re more likely to find these rugs come in earthy tones -. Rich browns and tans

If you are interested in buying a carpet for your home – be it for your living room or bedroom – a transitional design might work for your overall comfort. You want a color and pattern that best fits your larger pieces, such as your bank or bedroom cupboards and covers to protect a large portion of your floor find against foot traffic.

Buying transitional arrangement carpets from a carpet and carpet shop is a good way to find the right style for your home. You might be tempted to try a home improvement or department store for a good deal, but you often find staff is not aware of how the carpets are made and how to care for them. A carpet is more than something you walk on – it’s part of your side. Just as you would buy a car from a reputable dealer would bring the carpet you sold your house by someone who knows where it came from and what to do if it is damaged.

Ask your local carpet dealer about a carpet transition, and the transition from the beauty of your interior.

Source by Kathryn Lively

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