what is amazon.co.uk?

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9 Responses to “what is amazon.co.uk?”

  1. andy w says:

    It’s a website address!!

  2. Unheard Sounds says:

    It is a basically an online department store that sells practically everything.

  3. dungeonmaster says:

    Its an online shopping website that allows you to purchase goods from music and DVD to computing equipment and video games which are sent to your home for convenience

  4. SUGREF says:

    the British version of Amazon.com

  5. B3X11 says:

    a crap version of ebay.com

  6. broken_microwave says:

    Amazon.co.uk is a massive website which sells many products, like a huge online department store.
    It also has a section in which people can sell second hand items, a bit like eBay.

  7. munchkin says:

    It’s an online store for purchasing, music, books electronics and pretty much everything really.

  8. Andy D says:

    why don’t you type http://www.amazon.co.uk to find out. it has taken you longer to ask the question.

  9. WelshLad says:

    A on-line store, go there and browse around.

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