What Is An Unemployed New Single Mum Entitled To?

SureStart maternity grant of £500
Child benefit
Milk and veg vouchers
Child tax credits?
Any kind of jobseekers allowance/income support?
How much are all of these? How much do they add up to?
Is this what a person would get if they were 18 years old and live with their parents but the parents but together are on less than £35,000 a year? Because it’s counted as only the wages of the girl and her partner right?
P.S This isn’t a ‘teen pregnancy bashing’ thread or a ‘people on benefits’ bashing thread, it’s simply a straightforward question that requires a straightforward answer – not a load of heated opinions. Please keep your views to yourself – this could be about me, or it could be about a friend or family member, or it could be about some kind of essay I’m writing, or I could just simply be curious.

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4 Responses to “What Is An Unemployed New Single Mum Entitled To?”

  1. Chelsea says:

    I’m unsure.

  2. R 99 says:

    You have listed so many do’s and don’ts demanding how people should answer your question that I think the best thing for you to do is to get off your backside, make an effort, and find out for yourself.
    @ Christine. The point is Christine, that, as everyone can see except for you apparently, you chose to berate, in advance, the very people people you asked for help. That is just plain rude, and bound to annoy.

  3. Wossy says:


  4. barrudak says:

    An unemployed new mum is entitled to go find a job. Getting assistance from the government is not something someone is entitled to, it is something they can apply for but it does not entitle them to any help.
    If you want answers to what assistance you can APPLY for then go find a public assistance office and stop expecting everyone else to carry you.

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