What is be the exact meaning of this English sentence?

"Right now, this one bargaining counter appears to be just about the only thing standing between us and their taking over our company."

I came across the above sentence while watching a TV drama, and I jotted down what I thought I had heard. What is the exact meaning of this English sentence? Thank you very much.

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3 Responses to “What is be the exact meaning of this English sentence?”

  1. Alexanders Mummy says:

    I would have thought bargaining chip would have been a more appropriate term if it’s what I think, basically there’s only one thing that could stop ‘them’ taking over ‘our’ company (whoever them and us are) and if that doesn’t work then they’ll be nothing to stop them.

  2. Wong says:

    The characters were probably saying that they want to take over the company, but they can only do so by making the right bargains and striking the right deals with the right people.

  3. Look says:

    at present / currently / just now

    and also that all meant by the novice user

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