What Is Best Comptia Remote Training Program?

In your opinion, what is the best (and most cost-efficient) training program for the CompTIA certifications?
My top priority is Net+ and Sec+ because I already have A+.
I am looking for AFFORDABLE classes and up-to-date, aggressive study material that will leave me confidant in taking the exams. I’d also prefer remote/online learning, because I work 65 hours a week and obviously class scheduling would be a little unwieldly.
I have looked at my local community college, but each one of their classes is nearly 600 dollars and they don’t include an exam voucher. Without the voucher, that is simply too much money for a SINGLE 4-session class.
I am considering the CompTIA eLearning Strata courses ( http://comptia.elearn.com/educate/comptiā€¦ ) but I don’t know how effective they are and that’s a lot of money for just a gamble.
What would you suggest?

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