What is better to order something online at the same price?

http://www.amazon.co.uk or http://www.sainsburysentertainment.co.uk

i would like to buy something what is roughly the same price between these to websites.

amazon is 1p cheaper than sainsburys and both of them say free deliverly aswell and i would like to ask which one is better and cheaper all together to order from.

also is amazon and sainsburys entertainment free when you sign up aswell?

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3 Responses to “What is better to order something online at the same price?”

  1. Avalon says:

    Amazon is a good reliable site and Sainsbury’s is a reliable company should anything go wrong. If you have a nectar card you can get nectar points from Sainsburys so that may make them cheaper

  2. lil_vixen2345 says:

    I order from Amazon in the US frequently, and the service is great and shipping fast. I’m not familiar with Sainsbury, but Amazon is great.

  3. James says:

    I prefer amazon. If there’s a fault with the product, or even if you don’t want the thing when it turns up, you can send it back for free, for a refund. However, if you’ve got a nectar card then can’t you get nectar points from purchases at sainsburys? I’m not sure I don’t shop at sainsburys :p

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