What Is Covered Under a Fossil Watch Warranty?

For luxury watches such as Fossil watches, you want to do your best to maintain it and keep it in top working condition. Although with all the care you give to it, there are still things that can go wrong with the watch that are out of your hands. Luckily, Fossil watches come with an eleven year manufacturer warranty which covers almost any problem that can go wrong during the lifetime of the watch.

Like a typical warranty, issues that come from lack of care will not be covered. For a watch specifically, this includes primarily screen cracks and water damage. These are the two things that will not be covered under the Fossil warranty or any other watch warranty, especially because a water damage issue can easily be tracked. Every watch has a built in device that acts as a “meter” that measures the amount of water that has entered. Once that meter reaches a certain level due to water getting into the watch, it becomes inoperable and this completely voids the warranty.

Things that are covered under the warranty include manufacture defects, workmanship errors, mechanical dysfunction, and band or link replacements. For example: if the second hand of the watch moves at an unsteady pace, meaning it could be too slow or too fast, this is not due to the watch wearer’s carelessness or improper usage, but instead it is covered under the responsibility of Fossil. Fossil will take the watch to their respective repair center and inspect the watch to see if the issues are from carelessness and improper usage, or whether it is the fault of Fossil themselves. The only charge that Fossil will ever bill you for is $8.50 for the cost of return shipping. This is just a small cost when Fossil will cover a $100 labor job of fixing the face or replacing the bands. The warranty is covered for 11 years from the initial date of purchase even without the receipt making it one of the best companies with great consumer based customer service.

Fossil watches are a popular manufacture company not only for their customer service or their warranty, but that the fact they make some of the world’s most stylish watches as well as classic timepieces for everyone. There are many different lines that Fossil carries, all of which people from different backgrounds and styles can incorporate into their wardrobe.

Source by Christopher Hungton

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