What is Direct HDTV – 720p Vs 1080i Format

Before long, all channels will be fully high-def; it's vastly improved crystal clear and makes viewing so much more enjoyable. Because it offers more pixels, it means the picture is much clearer.

The highest resolution high definition television offers about double the pixels of a regular analog TV. Selecting one of the outstanding satellite packages available right now gets you 130 HD channels and more in the offing.

This is the definition of pixel ratio: The resolution of a fixed-pixel display is defined by the total number of horizontal pixels across each scanning line. This is the total count of vertical lines stacked top to bottom. For instance, a standard definition fixed-pixel display (as opposed to a high definition display) would have 704 pixels across each of 480 scanning lines (704 x 480).

In order to take full advantage of HDTV's ability for clarity and detail you need more pixels. LCD, plasma, or DLP devices need to have the capability to display those extra pixels. Progressive format 1080i is fast becoming the common format in broadcasting.

1080i is the shorthand name of a format of high-definition video modes and usually assumes a 16: 9 widescreen aspect ratio. 1080 denotes the number of horizontal scan lines. This type of terminology is also known as vertical resolution. The letter i stands for interlaced. In the alternate format of high-definition video mode, known as 720p, the p would stand for progressive scan.

HD resolution of either 1,280 x 720 pixels (720 lines progressively scanned with a widescreen 16: 9 aspect ratio). The common alternative is "1080i" (1920 x 1080), which represents a 16: 9 widescreen image with 1920 pixels across.

720p vs. 1080i: Progressive scanning means that each video frame is transmitted as a whole in a single sweep. (720p) produces a smoother, more film-like look, but a 1080i image actually contains greater detail.

The nice part of HD that you can capture the video for later viewing. Some satellite broadcasters offers a free high definition video recorder with their high-def package. It lets you record your favorite programs when you are not at home and can later replay. The high definition DVR has 200 hrs of standard definition and for high definition you get 50 hrs of recordings. Plus you get to listen to amazing theater-like sound with Dolby Digital 5.1 technology.

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