what is equity sales?

how does it work. what sort of work does a job in equity sales concern. what is the nature of the work. how is it different from fixed income sales or foreign exchange sales.

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3 Responses to “what is equity sales?”

  1. MonteCarlo says:

    Assets are traditionally divided into equity (on which u get variabe income, normally shares of a company) and fixed income (eg bonds, securitised notes, floating/fixed bonds).
    In today’s world the boundries are just gone as there are loads of products that are cross breed.
    Equity sales role – depends whether u r working for an asset manager, who basically buy and sells equity products or in ECM (equity capital markets, who creates the equity products). In general u’ll be dealing with potential customers a lot. U’ll just be concentrating on equity products.


    what do you mean

  3. mbnes says:

    Equity is shares/stocks. Just a different asset class. Selling is calling and advicing customers about strategies and individual holdings. Sometimes a sales trader can trade simple strategies as well.

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