What is going on with ghostbusters the video game for the 360?

i have ordered this on xbox 360 from amazon.co.uk. i have now just read it is only going to be released for ps2 and ps3 next week and atari will release it on 360 and other platforms later on in the year. is this true? im hearing so many stories, please help!

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  1. mym1nd says:

    Yeah it’s what is called a time-exclusive. To be fair the 360 has had a ton of exclusives, timed or otherwise, recently so it is fair play on sony’s part given the current set up.

    It is annoying but they do it to sell their console. Just hold on and see how the reviews are – then you can cancel your preorder or not as you see fit.

    oh and just be glad it wasn’t Batman Arkham – i pre-ordered the special edition (hey it’s got a batarang in it…) and got an email two weeks before release that it has been pushed back from this friday to 28th August.

    C – minus one batarang

  2. Vankuish says:

    gohstbusters is coming out tommorrow the 16 for 360 and ps3 so u should be getting it real soon

  3. mike says:

    According to game.co.uk the release date for the PS2 and PS3 for Ghostbusters is the 19th of June and for the 360, PC and Wii its the 30th of October. I dont know why this is and it seems a stupid idea really but ill give u a link so u can see for yourself.

  4. gamelover06 says:

    The reason is because Sony owns the rights to the Ghostbusters franchise. If they can get it out for there system before Microsoft It will boost sales for the PS3. People see that it’s out for one system and buy that system specifically so they don’t have to wait to play. It’s really marketing genius when you think about it

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