What Is LIFE All About Any?

These are the questions humans have been pondering for eons. Perhaps for the gaining of knowledge, in the hope that it may lead to wisdom. The idea sometimes being that wisdom will translate into a way of BEING. Through understanding combined with BEING we can allow all things to easily and effortlessly flow into our experience without stress or struggle. And through this way of 'being the example' we will inevitably yield the power of influence in much the same way that all the spiritual masters of our past did. Gandhi said it so simply; "We must BE the change we wish to see in the world".

Everything is energy and we all know this by now. But we do not often think in these terms because the apparatus of our bodies 'trick' us into believing that the only things that are really important are only those things that we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. But we know for a FACT that there is a variety of energy that exists beyond our ability to physically perceive it.

The law of the conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, just transformed from one form to another. Here, energy is ALWAYS in a process of transformation. Some times it's a very slow transformation, like a piece of metal rusting away, sometimes a fast one, like the petrol in your fuel tank. Every manifested thing in our experience, which is just slow vibrating energy, has at some point made a transition from non-physical to physical.

So how does this energy organize itself into form and matter? What's the process of this transition that allows us to then experience it as a manifestation that our 5 senses can detect?

It is through sound, through frequency. Sound is the organizing phenomena of particles. Many scientific experiments have verified this through vibrating metal plates with sand sprinkled on them. These plates are connected to and vibrating in harmony to the sound frequencies that are running through the plates. As the frequency gets higher and higher the sand is arranged into more and more complex geometric patterns.

Every single human being can detect the sound that their being is vibrating to by simply closing their ears and listening to the sound that is there. There is never COMPLETE silence and some may need to concentrate more than others, but there is always a sound there. It's not a 'ringing in the ears' or tinnitus. Rather, it is the pitch or frequency of your being which is connected to the energy of the universe, the energy 'out there', which is drawing together and attracting the energy which forms the particles which form the geometry architecture for a physical manifestation to Take form in your experience – you then 'meet with' that manifestation.

The bible said, "In the beginning there was the sound, the lord said 'Let there be light' and so it came to be". Light, being the source of all information. All things depend on light.

The source of this energy can be referred to as the source of all creation; It is where it all began. It is the prime creator that has emanated out into the universe an aspect of itself for the purpose of expansion, self-expression and self-gratification.

The nature of this energy is one of love and well-being. That's all that is coming from source, it can be no other way. This energy is also a flow of information that through sacred geometry begins to take shape and then manifests into form. Form is the shape of consciousness which will determine the nature of its experience of source.

Different creatures in the universe are having different experiences of the source direct by the fact they have a different form. That diverse form, since it is having a different experience, is then offering a prime creator, the source, a different way that it can experience itself. This results in a multitude of avenues for self-gratification.

The light is a pulse, a pulse of information that has an inherent nature for self-organization through the path of least resistance. This force streaming as and through light also has inherent within it, what could have been called an 'instinctual nature' for growth, expansion and MORE MORE MORE than all that is. It is the very basis of life itself. It is a futile exercise to even ask, what was before that? – it simply IS. I AM THAT I AM. It is the alpha and the omega, the infinity of all that is.

Since the nature of source is one of energy, it operates within the laws of energy and follows a path of least resistance. Physical expression such as human beasts are simultaneous receivers and emitters of this same energy, which means we can either be an enabling conduit to this energy that we are connected to, or we can be resistant to it through our conflicting energetic emanations influenced by our thoughts , Stories, beliefs and emotions.

Source created a 2-way street for a beautiful loving purpose. It's so we could receive its loving flow of well being, but also so we could act as loving instruments for source to receive FROM US through our inherent ability to conjure a desire for more, something better, through the physical contrast of our time space reality .

This was the ultimate gift from source. The gift of temporary forgetfulness of all this through the physical birth process. One must forget in order to experience the exhilaration and exclusion of REMEMBERING. The 'putting back together' of the parts of ourselves that were disconnected through the forgetful process of birth. This birth we chose to come in and experience, a birth that placed us within only a TINY TINY frequency range of the infinite energetic ranges of energy and frequency that are within existence.

All expressions of life through the universe are existing within different spectrums of energy, dimensions if you will, all emitting different desires for growth, expansion and expression. These energetic rockets are forever creating new and improved vibrational realities as well as new energetic frequencies. Here is the infinity of life, expansion and expression. What an amazing built-in mechanism to perpetuate the continual and never ending expression of life itself!

The more life there is, the more possibilities for expansion as different expressions of life will inevitably emit different vibrational desires for expansion and for MORE of what IS. And as this happens newer and newer more and more vibrational realities get created.

When a being on any dimensional level anywhere in the universe experiences the inevitable moment of transitioning into a different experience of reality, what humans call the death experience, they re-emerge as one with source, or sometimes something very close to it. Regardless, it is a non-physical perspective, a broadening of perspective, where that being can then chose what it would like to do next, what experience it would like to have next, once again for the purpose of growth, fun and expansion. We will never 'complete' anything, because the point of it all is not to get anything 'done', but for the fun or self-expression and expansion.

There can be no better game than the game of life itself.

Source by Nick Terrone

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