What is Sales Planning Activity?

If you ask 10 people what is sales planning, then you will recieve 10 different answers becuase the job is new and intract with all departments in the company. I would to see your answers specially from the ones who is working as Sales Planning or understand it well and can answer.

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2 Responses to “What is Sales Planning Activity?”

  1. gbilt1965 says:

    Sales Planning is meant to be used consistently throughout the year as a planning and monitoring tool for sales activities and results.

    During sales planning activities our team will create and maintain sales logs, prioritize tasks, identify existing and potential customers, lines of business, sales goals (long and short term) and the steps necessary to achieve those goals and we’ll create an actual sales plan.

    Creating the sales plan and planning out sales helps us:
    Understand Sales Objectives
    Develop Action Plans
    Measure and Report Results

    Hope this helps…..

  2. catcat says:

    It’s some bull crap they do in offices so they look like they are doing something.

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