What Is Sears’ Merchandising Approach?

I’m trying to figure this out for school..I basically would like to know their common/major merchandising techniques at the retail level. I’m not looking for a crazy-long answer since I understand what a huge company they are. An example would be attractive signage, knowledgeable sales-people, etc. I’m not talking about promotional techniques like discounts or anything like that…just the things they do to interest customers in their merchandise. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  1. mike64 says:

    Their techniques have given ways to the discounting of Wal-mart. As a matter of fact, Kmart and Sears are somehow the same company.
    When they first started it was the catalog
    Back in the days when the railroad was crossing over America, The business man from Chicago printed a catalog and sent it out by the railroad to many towns along the way. People will then order items by the telegram. Then using the same railroad, the items will be delivered to the towns. So a business in Chicago can now sell items way far away by use of their catalog. And there were still stores around that where only catalog stores.
    Then you have the service Department store where the key is on Service
    When we use to go to a Sears, we would see a salesman at the door that would explain about the Kenmore washer and dryers, or another sales person will explain about the craftsmen tools. Knowledge sale people that can explain to you about the products. Not something you can find at Wal-mart. But all that service comes with a higher price.
    That is were Wal-mart comes in. Less service, but a discount price. Not the best products, not the best service, but cheaper.

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