What is the best acoustic guitar for beginner?

I want to learn to play guitar ive had an electric guitar for about a year and im struggling to learn with it. I heard its better to start learning with an acoustic guitar???

I want to buy one from amazon.co.uk but not sure which one is best for a beginner. I dont want to get one thats going to sound rubbish and not be able to learn with it.

Can you post an amazon link to the best one. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “What is the best acoustic guitar for beginner?”

  1. Lost4Daze says:

    It is better to learn on an acoustic because you have to be very accurate so the notes ring true, with an electric you can tend to get a little sloppy with your play and people really wont notice your mistakes but with acoustic all your mistakes will show, which is a good thing, then when you move to electric it’ll be much easier…

    Oscar Schmidt
    Alvarez are all good beginners guitars

  2. woodley says:

    Avoid amazon or any other retailer for that matter. Beginners are not lesser people and still deserve to play a decent instrument.

    It will take time and effort, but look for a good second hand guitar that is being sold because the owner wants to upgrade. If they are upgrading, it is usually because they have reached a level of skill that has whetted their appetites for something better! Those guitars are already ‘set up’ for playing and will be more likely to be value for money.

    New cheap guitars have killed off the ambitions of more guitarists than anything. Most are little more than toys and will be dull sounding, a ‘bitch’ to play and have absolutely no build quality at all.

    Like learning to play… buying your guitar (mine is a lifelong friend), deserves patience and attention.

    Good luck and have fun!

  3. michaelcrunkk says:

    My answer may not seem right, but from my experience I wouldn’t get a guitar way too cheap.
    LIke you i wanted to learn acoustic guitar, so i went to my local guitarcenter and bought a really cheap Mitchell. Thinking that it was a good choice, i went . I thought i wouldn’t regret it, but now i do. the guitar sounds really bad. if I were you don’t go with a Fender acoustic, it sucks. For a beginner acoustic, the best is to go with a decent Takamine and then work yourself up.
    Basically if you buy a cheap guitar, you will end up throwing it away or buying a new guitar, so why not get a decent guitar and just keep it and just upgraded with strings and better equipment? ahah
    Anyways that what I learned from my experience!

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