What Is The Best Advertising For My Fashion Jewellery/accessories Website?

I am fairly new to the ecommerce world and would like some advice on the best route of advertising for me to take.
I have a fan page on facebook with 760 fans (my business started out on facebook) which I post updates regular, competitions and discount codes but people don’t seem to be too interested PLUS facebook only allow approx 10% of fans to see the post.
So that has been my only way of advertising my site, now and again I promoted a post too. I was thinking of trying the offer tool (costing £32)
I have just started looking into Adwords, Is this something I should be trying?
What else should I look into trying?
I know I still need to add more descriptions to my products, take some better photos and add meta tags/description
My site www.amazeaccessories.co.uk
As much advice as possible would be brilliant. I’ll be sure to pick the best answer 🙂
p.s out of around 300 unique visits to my site I have had 3 orders, 2 of are repeat customers from facebook.

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2 Responses to “What Is The Best Advertising For My Fashion Jewellery/accessories Website?”

  1. Peter says:

    Yes you can look into adwords but it will be costly at the beginning when you are building up your quality score but from looking at your site, you need to put some work into your on site and off site SEO so you can go up in the organic search results. Seen as your products are visual i would look into Tumblr with the pictures linking back to your site, it has done wonders for the company i work for. Next i would work with fashion blogs, send them products for review this will get you traffic from people who read the blog and will help boost your off-page seo, message me if you want a bit more help

  2. Smith says:

    Try using classifieds like gumtree, PlanetAdvert UK(planetadvert,co.uk), vivastreet etc. Post and link back to your website. I hope this helps.

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