What is the best Album review/Concert review that you have ever read?

Following an earlier Question that I answered, personally I think that this article about Santana’s "Caravanserai" is brilliant.

Anything you can add would be great, though I am not expecting a great response somehow πŸ™

Thanks in major hope
Nice one VTD!

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5 Responses to “What is the best Album review/Concert review that you have ever read?”

  1. vtd288 says:

    This article by Lester Bangs on the tenth anniversary of Van Morrison’s landmark album "Astral Weeks".

  2. Punch says:

    I remember being touched by a review of Crowded House’s reunion album "Time On Earth" which spoke of the band reuniting over the suicide of Paul Hester.

    Lewis, Randy; "Crowded House reunites in grief — and joy" – RECORD RACK – Los Angeles Times. Released 8 July 2007.

    POP music reunions are, more often than not, driven by commerce and/or nostalgia, so the fact that the resurrection of this wondrous pure-pop band from New Zealand grew out of shared personal loss gives this one a far richer subtext than most.

  3. Mike H Music Man in New Orleans says:

    I rarely read reviews because critics are nothing more than somebody with an opinion. That being said that article was well written and I agree with it.

    This review of the Johnny Cash album of previously unreleased material is right on target.

    Even as a young turk, Johnny Cash sang with the voice of experience. The first disc of this fantastic two-CD set (which features 26 cuts previously unreleased in the U.S.) gives us the sound of Cash in his twenties – demos and radio appearances from the 1950s. Cash’s singing is higher and sprier than in his prime, but the gravitas is there. (Check out the demo of a little ditty called "I Walk the Line.") Disc Two turns to outtakes and rarities from the 1960s. There are jailhouse weepers, lullabies and gallows humor like "Five Minutes to Live" – a jaw-dropping testament to the depth of the man’s songbook.

  4. Missy says:

    I honestly don’t read reviews because they’re just someone elses opinion & I don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s my opinion that counts when picking music.

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