What is the best Bargain you bought in Bangkok?

What is the best Bargain you bought in Bangkok

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6 Responses to “What is the best Bargain you bought in Bangkok?”

  1. ThaiExpert says:

    Jeans at the Emporium very expensive but a bargain price

  2. Metal Manic says:


  3. amania_r says:

    Computer memory upgrade from Pantip Plaza

    Oh yes. Diesel jeans at MBK

  4. sdn90036 says:

    T shirts for 99 baht, which is about three dollars.

    I can get a two hour Thai massage in my neighborhood for 200 baht, which is about six dollars.

    Going to the doctor is also a bargain.

    Taking a taxing to my job costs a little more than a dollar.

    Many bargains here.

  5. laplandfan says:

    Clothes are fairly cheap. I bought a beautiful fan with a lovely beach scene on. I also bought a table cloth , napkins and candles – all gorgeous and so cheap.

    I enjoyed the shopping and the markets and being able to barter a good price. Was also great to have service with a smile – something you do not see often in the Uk these days

  6. Just the 2 of us says:

    2 matching hugh ceramic Budah’s 4 foot tall that sit each side of our front door, for 2,000 baht each,
    would be about £300 each back in England & would have been stolen by now, but not here!

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