What is the best bargain you have ever got from a charity shop.?

Most of the stock is sorted with a "Fine tooth comb" before it is put on the shelves, However the odd bargain (Antique vase etc etc) sometimes gets missed..
My best haul from a charity shop was…I bought a 1960,s tea pot for £1 and sold it for £50 PROFIT on eBay.
Can you beat that…
Have a great day.

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5 Responses to “What is the best bargain you have ever got from a charity shop.?”

  1. Matthew Hopkins says:

    I don’t know about a bargain, it’s never happened to me, but I have had the opposite, which is usual luck for me I suppose.

    I was given a WWII black German helmet, at school, in a schoolboy swap. It had the lining and strap and was in immaculate condition. It hung on my wall for many years. When I started work, I got to know this guy who was supposed to be an expert in these things. On seeing it, he told me it was a 1958 copy, and was worth about £10, so I sold it in a junk shop in Hertford. (UK).

    Some five years later, I was in Herford again, and, looking in the window of a militaria shop, I saw ‘my’ helmet hanging on a back wall. I went in and asked to see it. Indeed, it was the one I had sold for £10. I told the bloke it was a 1958 copy and worth very little. He said "Yes, that’s what I thought at first, so I had an expert in London look at it".

    It turned out to be a particularly rare pattern SS issue parade helmet of 1936 vintage, and was in his shop for £850!

    You can imagine how I felt!

    But it was only the first of a lifetime’s instances of sheer bloody bad luck when it comes to buying and selling!

  2. Jacko says:

    I just bought a suit for a tenner. It looks brand new. Can’t be bad.

  3. Bruce says:

    I got a twin size brown bedspread for $1 that I still use as a drop cloth.

  4. Daniel Tremblay says:

    !0 hours pay for 7.5 hours worked !
    and a leather coat

  5. mermaid says:

    I bought a pair of jeans for two pounds and later i found five pounds in the pocket.

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