What Is The Best Book To Understand About Apartment Renting/housing?

I need help in understanding some of these terms such as
Annual Interest Rate of Mortgage %
Discount Points %
Origination Fees %
Other Loan Costs $
Mortgage Insurance (PMI) %
Homeowner’s Insurance Rate %
Monthly Association Dues $
Average Monthly Maintenance $
Annual Property Tax $
State plus Federal Income Tax Rate %
Interest Rate on Savings %
Home Appreciation Rate %
Number of Years Expected at Property yrs
Realtor Commission Rate

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One Response to “What Is The Best Book To Understand About Apartment Renting/housing?”

  1. Mike says:

    Most of your questions can be answered by googling the mortgage process. The rest of your questions are property specific.
    RE investing is not rocket science: you should only consider a property that is cash flow positive first, then consider location, property condition, location, maintenance needs, location, tenant pool, location, property taxes, location….you see the idea, right?
    Any book you read is going to have a bias towards the authors experience. If you know your market inside and out you could write a book.

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