What is the best career to earn alot of money when your in the sales industry?

Been in the sales industry for only 1 year and have already went from sales consultant to a established target hitting sales manager of a mediums sized health club. My best Quality are getting people to like me and buy from me and huge determination to make a better life for my family. I want to earn 40k+ and would like any advice in which part of the sales industry or even a different line of work were I can Excel. Thank you for any advice given.

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  1. mark m says:

    If you have that magical mix of skills and personality that a career in selling requires, you may be able to earn yourself a six-figure salary as a real estate broker or a sales engineer–but not all sales positions are nearly that glamorous and high-paying.
    Sales Executive
    Location: London; Salary: OTE £45,000 – £60,; Sectors: Retail, Travel/Hotels/Leisure, Telesales, Field Sales. Good luck

  2. Angry Bird says:

    Your in it right now.
    The health industry. Trying to get people thin and healthy.
    Ask your manager how you can grow within the company.

  3. Melinda says:

    In the car sales industry, you can make a lot of money. You would think luxury car lots would bring you the most gross but it’s actually more common for Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Nissan dealerships to bring in more clientele. In this economy, people are still buying cars (especially used and cheap). They NEED transportation. I have friends that make well over $70K + a year. If I liked sales and negotiating, I’d stay in the business but unfortunately, that’s not my personality. You also have room to quickly be promoted and make even more money. All of my managers (past and present) make $100K +, some haven’t even attended any school after high school. Good luck! Hope I helped!

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