what is the best football bargain ever?

I am 14 so I was not around when all these "good" players were moving at £1Million (although it will be significantly higher if you take the rate of inflation into account).But for me,since I am young it would have to be A.Cole.

£5million+ a slightly above average player in exchange for a world class left back…

what do you guys think? try and keep it recent because if you compare to 1985 etc; a huge rate of inflation will apply.Or you could provide the price as an index linked value.Thanks
Index linked=price adjusted to rate of inflation.

god this is the first time I’ve really used my EARLY (Sorry,love emphasising that) AS level in economics :L
What date was that? is that index linked or is it at the price it was when the purchase was made some years ago?
Yeah that’s less than 1 Million in even todays money…that is good.

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13 Responses to “what is the best football bargain ever?”

  1. Dr. Gregory House™ says:

    Peter Schmeichel £530,000

    described by Sir ALex as "bargain of the century"

  2. Tracey says:

    eric cantona £1,200,000 from leeds to man utd 1992
    also cesc fabregas for nothing from barca 2003

  3. roddysul says:

    Gary McAllister on a free to Liverpool in 2000 – helped them to 5 trophies and a CL spot over the following 12 months

  4. Half paki guy says:

    yer i agree with tracey eric the king for 1 million pounds also patrick viera for 3 million pounds i think? from the milan reserves correct me if im wrong.

    also cristiano ronaldo bought him for i think it was 11 mil and sold him for 80 mil

    and kolo toure for 150 thousand now dats a bargain.

    and also ryan giggs david beckham and scholes for free….yer dats what im talking about

    last but not least torres for 50 million pounds 1 goal in 20 app….now dats a bargain

  5. John Kyaw says:

    Javier Hernandez to Man Utd for around 6 millions.

  6. N'Gog > Pele says:

    Szczesny cost us £50,000.

  7. Rolf -- 8-2 Brute? says:

    Keano costed like nearly 4mill, but i agree with Patel

  8. Chill Out o.O ☠ IAWT! says:

    I just started doing AS Econ

    Patel is probably right.

  9. Freelance says:

    Mitre Delta £3.99

  10. Windy MIller III says:

    Zola from Parma to Chelsea for £4.5 million.

    That idiot Carlo Ancelotti saw him as a misfit and let him leave Parma because he couldn’t find a place for him in the team. Unbelievable.

  11. Toby D says:

    You can’t really compare prices of the past to those of today, even if you index link them, as the cost of players has risen by far more than inflation has.
    Even with the £35 million we spent on Carroll which even the most die hard red would agree is over the top, the fact that we had sold an out of form Torres for £50 million, means that we got both Carroll and Suarez for a net spend of £8.5 million – that is the bargain of the decade…

  12. Label Metrics says:

    I think, come the end of this season and providing he stays fit Sergio ( Kun) Aguero will prove to be the most influential signing and if Man City make the predicted challenge for the PL title the 39m transfer fee will be money well spent. Whether it’s a bargain or not is a matter of opinion.

  13. Immortal Technique says:

    Vidic 6m, Fabregas 500k schemeichel 500k. not sure about schmeichel, 500k is quite a lot at the time.

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