What is the best footwear for walking in the Pennine moors?


I am planning a trip up north in mid to late october which will include a sojourn in the pennines overnight and I was wondering if I will need to buy new footwear for that part of the trip?

The boots I already own are this type:


If those would not suffice I have been thinking about getting Doc Marten style boots for sometime and could use the excuse to buy them, if they will be suitable?

If not, what would do the job? Wellingtons? Berkinstocks?! I know I could get proper hiking boots but I’d rather avoid buying something I am very unlikely to use ever again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you 🙂

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One Response to “What is the best footwear for walking in the Pennine moors?”

  1. Barking 27 says:

    If its anything more than very gentle walking for short distances on Tarmac roads I would advise against using those boots. Equally I’d advise the same about DMs.
    Find a discount outdoor shop (try Go Outdoors) – you can pick up a basic pair of hiking shoes or boots for less than the price of a delivery pizza.

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