What Is The Best Graphics Card, Avalible To Buy For £100 Or Below At The Moment?

I’m currently looking at the Sapphire AMD Radeon 7770 from PC World at £94.97 (I have a £10 voucher from a receipt so it would be £84.97). Is there a better card, or a better value card that would be good for playing games such as Black Ops and ARMA 2?
My current spec is:
ECS GeForce 6100PM M2 (Locked down BIOS) DDR2
AMD Athlon II x4 630 CPU (Socket AM3)
4GB DDR2 RAM PC2-5300 (333Mhz) in two slots
Thank you!

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One Response to “What Is The Best Graphics Card, Avalible To Buy For £100 Or Below At The Moment?”

  1. Be4st says:

    Well I am currently using a GTS 450. I know its nothing special but I can play ARMA II /DayZ with it just fine on high settings @ 1920×1080 and it was not expensive. I paid £23 or something off eBay unused.
    I never usually refer cards to people as they are never happy with my choice but I was told by a friend the other day that the “MSI GeForce GTX 650” is currently around 100 – 125 and is a pretty decent card.
    All I can say is if you are using Google Chrome, install the “Invisible Hand” addon and go look on PC websites. Some sites it will show you the cheapest price for that card at the top of the page in a yellow bar (the tool searches for a cheaper price elsewhere). You may get that 84.97 card a bit cheaper.
    Also don’t forget to check out Overclockers.co.uk. I’m sure their sale will kick in soon if it hasn’t already

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