What Is The Best Oil For Hair Growth?

I know that you need to stay away from heat, never bush your hair when its wet, and all that stuff. i saw that oils have a great role, so what is the best oil for your scalp and hair growth? i have a list of oils that i think are good but feel free to add on.
-argan oil
-coconut oil
-castor oil
-olive oil
anything else?

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    I don’t believe anything will actually make your hair grow faster. Though, I do think that the oils you mentioned are beneficial to the “health” of the hair. The ones you mentioned are among the most popular. I haven’t ever used argan oil myself, but a lot of people swear by it. Extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are two of my favorites. The vitamins found in both of those are great for conditioning hair. I also like to use extra virgin coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. As far as I know, coconut oil is the only oil that has actually been proven to penetrate the hair shaft. I like to apply it to my dry hair the night before I shampoo and then cover my hair with a plastic cap. The next morning, I simply rinse it and then follow it with my shampoo. Since the oil has penetrated my hair, it’s a lot harder for the shampoo to dry out my hair. Supposedly castor oil, when massaged into the scalp, is supposed to stimulate the scalp and promote growth. I have heard plenty of people say that, but I don’t necessarily find it to be true. I did use castor oil for scalp massages for a while, but that was mostly because it felt good. I have heard of people using castor oil on their actual hair, but I think it’s way too thick for that. I think your hair’s growth rate is pretty much set, but those oils are great for oiling the scalp and conditioning the hair. Another of the more popular oils is sweet almond oil. Like argan oil, Ive never used it, so I can’t really say much about it, but a lot of people love it. Jojoba oil is another good carrier oil, in my opinion. I’ve read that its make up most closely resembles that of our bodies’ natural oil, sebum. Because of that, I like jojoba oil best for oiling my scalp. Essential oils are also beneficial for hair and scalp. I don’t know about you, but my scalp can get pretty dry and flaky, so I put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in my jojoba oil and also in my shampoo. In case you don’t know this, essential oils are highly concentrated, so don’t use them in solo and don’t use too much, Always dilute with a carrier oil or another product that you like. A few others that people seem to like a lot are rosemary oil, ylang ylang, grapeseed oil, and lavendar oil. You can get any of those oils from most health food stores or online at iherb.com. Iherb.com sells a lot of natural products at a discount. You can also use the code, WOJ535 to get $5 off of your first order. Good luck.

  2. myfavour says:

    Absolutely NOTHING can make your hair grow faster… nothing

  3. . says:

    corn oil

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