What is the best pass that a tourist can buy to have discounts in museums in London?

Im going to london next week and i want to visit museums there is any pass that can i bought to visit many of this and have discounts,i know there is london pass but its the only pass that can i find?In your opinion its worth it?

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  1. blackgrumpycat says:

    I looked at the London Pass and unless you are really wanting to see a load of the places on offer, it probably isn’t worth it. You could probably only manage two or three of them in one day as most are spread over a wide area. There are plenty of free things to do in London.

    There is a Merlin pass which gets you cheaper entry into The London Dungeon, Madam Tussaud’s and the London Eye, that costs approx £50 per adult. Did it last week, but got it all free as we knew someone working for the company.

    Have linked you to information on free museums, free art galleries and the London Dungeon page with pass prices.

    Have a fun trip.

  2. yyyyzz (wise) says:

    Not that I know of. Follow the newspapers, they tell you which, what and where the discounts and specials are. At £9 to £15, not cheap. Train and bus concessions do exist.

  3. sarch_uk says:

    Most museums and art galleries in London, and the rest of the UK, have free admission. However you may have to pay a small fee if you wish to go into any "special" exhibition that may be taking place in any museum that you visit…so you do not need to purchase a pass to get into any museum.

  4. Sol says:

    Most, if not all of the museums in London are free! If you want a money saving tip, buy an Oyster card for the buses and underground, stick to the buses, after 2/3 buses the card isn’t debited, so you can travel all day on the buses for about £3.50.

    You can get the Oyster cards in most newsagents in London, have a great trip.

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