What is the best price to offer this ebay seller for this auction please?

I think the price is already good do you agree but what price do you think they are likely to accept bearing in mind postage costs?

Thankyou x


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11 Responses to “What is the best price to offer this ebay seller for this auction please?”

  1. Creative Maestro says:

    At the moment, that works out at £1 per dvd not including postage.

    To be honest, I don’t think the seller will take anything less than £60 purely because there is so many dvds and he ends up getting nothing at the end of the day.

    But in answer to your question, what are you prepared to pay? If you don’t want to pay more than £50, then offer your maximum as £50. However to be taken seriously, I would offer between £55-65.

  2. Vixi says:

    Wow thanks … just what im looking for!! Im gonna make a bid too so good luck ;-))

  3. KrazyMuddles says:

    i think you should make an offer of £50, start low and you can always come back and make a higher offer if the seller declines.
    good luck 🙂

  4. Michael O*Leary says:

    No more than around £1 each for the lot. Around £35.

  5. tch8102 says:

    Bear In Mind There Have Been 4 Offers Made, And 2 Were Refused.

    But You Aren’t Limited To How Many Offers You Can Make , So Start With An Offer You Would REALLY Like To Pay, And If It’s Declined, Then You Can Offer A Little More.

    Perhaps Start At £50?

  6. Eddyward says:

    With 70 DvDs for £70 that’s £1 per DvD (obviously) which isn’t a bad deal.
    Although you can probably (quite easily) but some of the older or more unpopular DvDs for under £1 second hand. Perhaps try about £45, which may give you an idea of how much he’s willing to accept. At most I, personally, would pay no more than £50-£60, although I’m not much of a fan of watching movies at home.

  7. spring_rainbows says:

    Offer £55 – £60. you got to take in consideration that the seller will then lose £6 of his money to ebay fee’s so i think £50 is to low for the seller to get a decent enough amount and accept the offer.

  8. skate says:

    He’s already got offers on it so he will sell to somebody. If you think it’s a good price buy it now at the asking price.

  9. Seafret1412 says:

    I’d agree, try £50.00 because a lot of dvds are less than £10.00 now.
    If not, come back with £55 then £60.00 to see what he does.

    Good luck, happy bidding and Merry Christmas.

  10. COLIN T says:

    Dont know – i never ever follow up on links.

  11. george___k2 says:

    In most cases the best offers accepted are about 10% lower then BIN unless the seller keeps relistng the item so he may accept less so he wants to avoid relisting fees.

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