What is the best way of getting a good deal on a car?

I am buying from a dealer (I don’t know which one yet) and want to get the best deal I can. Do you have any tips? Any dealers out there – what always get’s you?!

Any help appreciated.

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  1. splandastic says:

    If i was you i’d go somewhere and buy a 2nd hand car, perhaps even a W Passat.

    The 2litre SE is quite nice and ive seen one on their websitewith 30k miles on it for £7500 (i think)

    If you have a car already, dont trade it in, sell it privately.

    I recently had a Volvo, which the dealer offered me £1500, i sold privately for £2500.

    I had a Alpine Stereo in mine,

    If you have a VOLVO as well you could do the same.

  2. Don D says:

    Forget it. They always win. I have had many cars and always lost out when I sold them. Best advice is. Buy a Car and keep it for years and years……..

  3. sebring_arizona says:

    A good friend of mine bought a Toyota Aygo about a year ago and reduced the dealer to a gibbering wreck!

    He basically made up some viable deals and discounts that Honda were going to give him on a new Jazz and slowly, clamly but surely talked the Toyota guy into giving him similar discounts… I think he managed free metallic paint, carpet mats and something else!

    The dealer also paid for his lunch so he could go and relax while deciding whether to go for the Toyota or the Honda (incidentally he had never even set foot in a Honda dealership!).

    Try a little manipulation! It can pay off!

    Alternatively, if there are any car supermarkets near you, try looking there. I bought a year old Vauxhall Astra from Cargiant in London with less than 10k miles for a little over half price!

    Hope this helps!

  4. gorillazgalvan says:

    try to act like you dont have any $ not literaly but you know, try to reason with him or her for a great deal, it should work my dad always wins with this method. sob stories and personal life are a +

  5. speyhawkzamek says:

    dont be afraid to walk away ,if they want to sell it they will be in touch.Do your home work look at What Car site gives good information and prices you should get if buying a new car.If I was you have a clear indication of what you want to buy and stick to it dont be fobbed off with something you didnt really want .

  6. Huge says:

    Have a fixed price range in mind and do not exceed it. Just walk away and try another dealer, then if go success, go back in a few days and try again.

  7. dinkydionline says:

    I assume your buying new?
    decide on the make and model you want, plus any extras, lets say its a Honda,
    get out the phone book and find every Honda dealer in your City, go to the one nearest to you and ask him for his best price, (plus the price on your trade in if you have one).

    say they come up with $13000 cash, go to the next dealer and tell him you can get the car for $12000 cash from Joe blows cars, he may say he can do it for $11900, go to the next dealer and tell them you can get the car for $11900.

    Drop the 1st price by a $1000, the 1st yard will certainly guess your naive and will try for a few $ extra, but none of them will lose money, you will soon know when you have hit a rock bottom price when yards tell you they can’t match the price.

    Say your down to $11000, go back to the nearest dealer to you and tell them you won’t to buy the car from them as they are close to you and have a good reputation, but only if they’ll match the price.

    This makes it easier on you for servicing and repairs.

    2nd tip, if you own a Honda and want to trade on a new Honda, DON’T.
    If you are staying with the same make, the dealer knows you are hooked on that make, and will offer you virtually nothing as a trade in, change makes for a higher trade in.

    If you have to get finance, do it through a bank or building society BEFORE you start shopping, a dealers rate will be far higher than the banks, and you will be rated the same, you will be less likely to be talked into silly extras if you have a price set by the bank.
    Good luck.

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