What is the best way to bond veneers to the tooth?

I’m not!, well maybe I am, questioning my dentists professionalism. What it is, I’ve had 4 veneers and 2 crowns fitted in the last week, and already 2 veneers has fallen off, let it be due to my bite, bonding, or drinking cups of Marks & Spencer coffee, I don’t know, but I don’t think she should be using dental cement. I’ve heard about a dental superglue?

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2 Responses to “What is the best way to bond veneers to the tooth?”

  1. Dr. Moretta says:

    Properly bonded veneers are ready to go the minute you leave the office. There is no waiting time for drinking or eating. The main reason crowns and veneers come off so soon is that the tooth was contaminated with moisture when the cement was placed on it. Another reason is the cement was not cured properly or the cement was expired (old). If the bite is the problem, the veneer would usually break not just come off. Your dentist should not charge you to replace these veneers. But you also want to make sure that if these come off again, say in 6 months that he is not going to charge you again. I hope that you didn’t go to him because he is the cheapest. You get what you pay for especially in dentistry.

  2. Patricia R says:

    There are many different types of dental glues, of varying strengths. Each is suited to a different purpose.

    It can take several hours for the dental cement (which isn’t so much a cement as an epoxy) to fully harden. If you eat or drink during this curing time, the bonds won’t be as strong, and the veneers may fall off.

    Obviously, veneers shouldn’t fall off in a week. You need to go back to your dentist and insist that she re-apply them for free. You also need to determine why they fell off, and what can be done to make sure they don’t fall off again.

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