What is the best way to deal with a rioting crowd?

I have to give a lecture in the morning on how to deal with an angry/violent crowd. What is your best tip for dispersal?
I am in the army and i have been in a few riots. i am due to go to Iraq and i just wanted to know how the rest of you would deal with it………i can say that 90% of you are wrong.

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34 Responses to “What is the best way to deal with a rioting crowd?”

  1. Cotes du Rhone girl. says:

    Contain the area. Try to ensure the safety of innocents and remove them. Bring in a helo to hover over the top of the rioters. Then bring it a bit lower, whilst playing Ride of the Valkyries on loudspeakers.
    That would scare the pants off me.
    Cs gas dropped down amongst them and then just leave them to it.

  2. ian t says:

    water cannon.

  3. jdscorrupted says:

    A lot of guns and bullets.

  4. ragtrey says:

    Automatic gun fire.

  5. emmamac14 says:

    high powered water jets

  6. wolfmettle says:

    Run and hide.

  7. smithnwessonchick says:

    turn a fire hose like from a hydrant on them

  8. Tallboy says:

    Water cannon with dyed water then round them up later.

  9. Badwilf says:

    Treat them like Human beings and put a human face to it.

    It worked for the Germans during recent football troubles.

  10. Michael W says:

    start shooting at them and they will run away, seriously once a few start dieing they will get lost, I live in N.Ireland so I know how to not deal with a rioting crowd lol.

  11. petemctaz says:

    Hand grenades!

  12. PrincessSparkles says:

    shooting a gun into the air.
    Not at the civillians obviously.
    who are you giving the lecture to?

  13. thewall says:

    The best way is to break it apart..use riot police n break it apart…don’t let them gather…

  14. texaschick says:

    Well I work in a prison system and the best method is Tear Gas lots and lots of it until you can’t see anyone more but a cloud of white smoke.

  15. mcclmichael says:

    NEVER try to disperce a riot! Get out of the area using the back roads. Get as far from the city as you can!

  16. ewe_luvs_it says:

    napalm should do the trick

  17. slobberchops says:

    let loose a gorilla

  18. dfward@btinternet.com says:

    shoot the bastards

  19. tony p says:

    through em a basketball .

  20. Matthew S says:

    Use any non lethal means at hand and focus on the instigators. (Water hoses, stun guns, bean bag guns, or tear gas for some ideas.)

  21. mad_monk1977 says:

    Start a barbecue. Lots of sausages, a few burgers, maybe even some steak if you are feeling adventurous. I find that marinading the sausages over night works a treat. But remember, you must cook the meat THOROUGHLY, make sure it is not too pink in the middle, and is evenly cooked throughout.

    NO BEER! Beer will just make it worse. Maybe some white wine spritzers, but NO BEER!

  22. tebuny says:

    Get stronger people to back you up
    get everyones attention and use an improvisation for example
    some white people came and said hey n i g g e r, wats up?
    another black guy heard this and was like "I know u dint just call him a " "n" " the one spoken to was like its aight, we speak like that sometimes and then another black person was like "oh no she he dint" then someone comes up and say " wha caucasian caled the dude a nigger and the white guy says i did then he went up to him and slapped him, the others with the caucasian who called the black guy a "n" started trying to beat the guy up and then the other black guys come to the rescue by picking a partner to fight with.
    there we have a riot
    you cant try to settle it if you are either white or black, but u can if you are an indian or chinese or something it would be good if it was a police or something. Your back up people are like stop stop(they rnt that big of a crowd) whats the cause of all these? then they tell you. You could tell the white guy who called the black a "n" meant no harm, tho it did hurt some people’s feelings. what you’ll do is make sure the white guy apologizes and explain to them that he meant to harm and if he refuses to apologize, its understandable because they are all equal because the other black guy hit him. if they fail to settle their indifferences, pose a threat like, i will make sure you are all arrested if this doesnt stop, then you can fight all you want for the rest of your life in jail. trust me, they’ll scatter. I know I’ll move

  23. cherodman4u says:

    First ask them what they want. They’ll be too happy to tell you. Ask them for a written statement of their major points… tell them you mean to approach the powers that be with their petition… acting on their behalf with the delivery of their demands to those that can make o difference. If they don’t have a document or petition in hand, then ask that you and their spokesperson(s) retire to draw up one, for signing … or that if they can come to a consensus about the points, and then create a document for proper petition… You can promise that their grievances WILL be heard! You can also encourage them to enter public forum and to start some "grassroots" activism, such as orchestrated boycotts, etc. Above all else, you need to be their sympathetic sounding board… gain their confidence and remind them that any violence or angry displays of "mob mentality" will only serve to detract from or hurt their cause. Ask them to police their ranks so that the crowd does not escalate because of any provocations. Over time the crowd may become less riled and more amenable to reasonable dispersal. You can also tell them that you will help them obtain a permit for a non-violent protest so that they will not be in any danger of arrest.

  24. BENVEE says:

    I can’t recall an occasion when the use of psychology or some kind of softy liberal approach has ever worked to deal with a rioting crowd. Always remember that crowds never riot by accident, always by design, and a plea for calm by Ian Blair of the Met. will never work however much the ‘Islington set’ like to believe it would. The use of superior force is always the best answer. there may be a few fractured sculls and broken limbs in the short term but it’s suprising how quickly violent mobs will disperse when plastic bullets and CS gas start coming their way.
    Napoleon Bonaparte dispersed the Paris ‘mob’ towards the end of the Frech Revolution by the use of grape shot(very nasty) fired from a battery of cannon, and had no trouble from rioting mobs ever again. The Parisian mobs of that Revolution were some of the worst ever in History. This should be a lesson for us, don’t pussyfoot around, get them off the streets as soon as possible.

  25. summer r says:




  26. frank c says:

    tear gas

  27. Darcy says:

    Not an answer to your question but try and come back, ok? Good luck!

  28. leowin1948 says:

    Mob psychology is different.It is difficult to pacify them.Only a charismatic leader can control mob.Best thing in the circumstance is teargas or water pump.

  29. martin r says:

    what would you recommend?

  30. Dr.Matt says:

    Tell them that Tony Blair is coming to address them; they shouldn’t hang around too long then.

  31. penguin says:

    remind them that england did not win the world cup

  32. Shepherd says:

    I would pray before I did any thing. After that I am not sure. Send in troops with riot gear blowing whistles and firing blanks to get the crowds attention? I can hardly wait to find out the best answer.

  33. paoakalani says:

    I’ll tell you what you don’t do. Don’t give them the finger.

  34. pimpy says:

    cs gas a lot of it! you must have done the RTF in training its nasty stuff just make sure their down wind from you as you well know or just drive slowly towards them in your warriors that will **** them up.

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