What is the best way to deal with rowdy drunks?

OK, so sometimes, you will see a rowdy abusive drunk who can be quite intimidating. It isn’t always possible to walk away or avoid them, as they could get on your bus or something. What is the best way to deal with them? Do you ignore them, treat them as they treat you, give cheek to them, chat to them etc.

I usually try and avoid contact with them, but I often wonder if ignoring them will just make them angry. They are also human, with feelings, so I don’t think it’s nice to ignore them.

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One Response to “What is the best way to deal with rowdy drunks?”

  1. guitarrman45 says:

    Get away from them. If you are on a bus, alert the bus driver. Make it his responsibility. Drunks aren’t allowed on the bus. Run if you have to. If there is no way away from them then try talking to them in a way that isn’t aggressive. You don’t want someone who is out of control trying to be your best buddy. Try not to make eye contact too.

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